Hillary for Prison

Hillary belongs in Prison, not the White House. Please share with you friends who might feel the same.


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Where’s Honey Boo Boo?


Low Information Voters


Here’s to Nipples


She’s a keeper


Time to put the snow chains on


Aw Geeze Edith


Goin Fishin


Takin a Damn Yankee For a Ride

Expensive Dates

A while back, I picked up a lovely date at her parents’ home.
I’d scraped together some money to take her to a fancy restaurant.
She ordered the most expensive items on the menu…shrimp cocktail…lobster Patron…champagne.
I asked her, “Does your mother feed you like that when you eat at home?”
“No,” she replied, “but my mother’s not expecting a blow job tonight.”

Keep Your Hands off My PBR

and on the 9th Day God made a Liberal

a Parody of Paul Harvey’s “God Made a Farmer”

Shuffling Off To Buffalo


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The One