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This channel is strictly about the operation of the Old Hippie Web site.
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Old Hippie
It's all good here
Current Events
If there's something in the News that makes you say "Well Kiss My Hairy White Ass", then it most likely needs to be discussed here.
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This is the forum for discussing US politics. This Old Hippie is different from your Standard Old Hippie, in that he's a Libertarian/Conservative. That said, this is an open forum for postings from both the Right and Left, although my guess is that the Left will be out numbered here. However, trolling or attacks on others will not be tolerated. Attack the idea - not the person. If you want to play in this forum, wear your Big Boy Pants. This is not the place for the thin-skinned who easily get their panties in a wad.
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This is the forum to report and discuss World politics, or anything to do with the United Nations.
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If there's something non-political in the news that you want to report and Discuss, this Ós the forum to do it in.
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This channel contains News and discussions about the Military - and concerns of Active, Reserve, Retired and Veterans.
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Old Hippie
Military Alarm Clock
Frankly the Old Hippie is sick of the double standards of both treatment and Mainstream Media's different coverage of news. On this channel will be adult conversations of News that the media will not report. Keep it civil and factual - not emotional and racist as that only serves to hurt the cause f a double standard. If you can't do that, then please don't post in this channel.
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Old Hippie
The Real Hero Is Obvious
Islamic Terrorism is being imported to your town by Liberal politicians. The more Conservative the state, the more get shoved into it. The cowardly Mainstream Media refuses to report on Islamic Terrorism when they can get away with it. When they can't ignore it, they say 'The Motive Has Yet To Be Determined" call it "Workplace Violence". If you you wish to discuss Islamic Terrorist motives, news or anything else concerning Islamic Terrorism - this is the Channel for it.
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In this Forum, the Old Hippie will conduct occasional polls on current Event items. Please vote when you see these polls.
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Old Hippie
Your Opinion on Marriage
Taking it Easy
It doesn't matter if its High School, College, Semi-Pro or Pro; or if its Baseball, football, basketball, hockey or (shudder) soccer. If there's something you want to discuss, chances are that there will be others also wanting to discuss. Post it in this channel.
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If you're a lover of music, this is the channel to discuss it.
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When a movie or a TV series moves you likevfew others can, share it with us in tbis channel and let others who have seen it jump in. But don't tell too much and ruin it for those who haven't yet seen it.
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Old Hippie
An old Texas saying
If you've read a good book, give the rest of us a brief review of that book. Exact title, author, the plot (without spoiling any surprises) and why you liked it.
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Old Hippie
Children's Classic Adapted
This is the channel for food and drink discussions - including Great Recipes.
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All jokes are good in this channel. Blond Jokes, Polish Jokes, Irish Jokes, Black Jokes, White Jokes, Mexican jokes, Hillary Jokes, Trump Jokes... Let them fly.
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rt3406pak is our Chapel's Padre. Each day he will post an inspiration message. If you have an honest and legitimate question regarding religion -- free free to ask it. If you have a prayer request or need a little inspirational assistance -- ask.
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"Giving Dogs a Bad Name"
Ever run into a photo, story or video that makes you think WTF? This is the forum to share.
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Old Hippie
Kool WTF Vehicles
This channel is for the posting of discussions having anything to do with anything you consider artistic.
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Social Topics
This is where new members, and members who have yet to do so, post a little diddy of who they are, where they come from, and what drives them. Don't give out any personal information, just enough so that we all have an idea who our Internet friends are. Create a NEW topic in this channel with the title "Hi, I'm _________". In that way as we get to know each other a little better from posting, we can come back to this channel and easily find your original post to refresh our memories.
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by radley
This is a forum where people with Legal Issues can post their situations and questions regarding wills, Trusts, Civil suits, Liabilities, Power Of Attorneys and such. Maybe we can get a Legal expert to point people in the right direction, and others with similar experiences can relate those experiences. Remember, opinions are just opinions. They're designed to point to to the correct answer, not always be the correct answer.
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In this channel tax, investments, banking, credit cards, retirement and other financial topics are discussed. Remember this s the Internet, and Opinions are only opinions.
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Old Hippie
No Interest Bank Accounts
In this channel, discussions regarding health and fitness are proper.
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Old Hippie
Ebay Ripoff!
Since Old Hippies are Baby Boomers, this channel is for discussing nostalgia of the 50s, 50s and 70s. There is also a baby Boomers Group, along with groups for all other living generations that are more geared towards those generation's issues than Nostalgia.
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Old Hippie
50s Babes with 50s Cars



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