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    Help for Houston and Texans there a charity that you know of that is honest. I would like to help the folks and pets/animals that have been left homeless and/or just need some help because of Harvey. I won't give to the Red Cross. I think they are crappy. I was interested if you knew of a local charity that is known for its honesty and integrity. Thanks in advance for any info.

    I be thinking money is no issue ........


      That is really sad. Those are our 'leaders' of tomorrow and they have no morals.


        Harvey hit Rockport, TX. Not Houston.

        Houston had days and days of "we will measure rain in feet, not inches" weather forecasts.

        Rockport had a tropical storm or Cat 1 predicted Wednesday night. It hit as a Cat 4 Friday night. No warning, no time to really prepare.

        But the MSM was all over the Houston flooding afterwards.
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