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    What is Old Hippie? started in 2002 as a web site that encouraged people from all walks of life to gather and have a place to converse, and give or get information on just about any topic. However, about 3/4 of all topics is of no interest to most of us, and some topics actually infuriate us to even read or hear. So the site is organized in such a way where you can quickly get to the area that interest you, and avoid those that do not.

    Look at the site as a huge filing system with three areas. In each area there are rows of file cabinets, which we call categories. Each File Cabinet/Category has Drawers/Sub-Categories. Inside those Drawers/Sub-Categories are Folders/Discussions. Inside those Folders/Discussions are Paper/Posts.

    First, there are three areas of the site.
    1. Forums: This is the main area of the site, which was set up by the Old Hippie himself. The discussions in this area interest a larger majority.
    2. Groups: This is an area where members can set up their own Sub-Category to have discussions they feel that there currently isn't a proper Sub-Category for. You can click the HELP ME link in the NavBar for more information on setting up a group, but I suggest you participate in the Discussions for awhile before creating groups.
    3. Blogs: Each member has the benefit of their own Blog, with its own web address. Their blog can be used for virtually any lawful purpose - from a Personal Diary to a Business Public Release site. For instance, at a drag racing web site, I use my blog as a Race Shop Diary. You can set your Blog to be PRIVATE to only you, INVITED, or PUBLIC.
    So, say you are a Veteran and have a question/topic you want to discuss with other Veterans. You go to the Forums area, the Current Events Category, The Military Sub-Category ad you will see all of the Military Discussions you can participate in, or create a new Discussion.

    Say you are a big fan of Studebaker cars and trucks, you go to the Groups area, Automotive Category, and Studebaker Sub-Category for Discussions going on there.

    You will find the last 20 posts to Discussions and below that Top 20 are all of the forums categorized. In the Right Sidebar you will find the Last 20 Group Posts, and below that the various groups you can join.

    As stated before, the site was created in 2002, and for the first ten years was hugely popular. So you might ask yourself "if it was so hugely popular, why are the majority of the posts by the Old Hippie?"

    Well quite a few years back four things started to happen to hurt the site. The first was my own apathy toward the site. For a few years, I kinda got bit by the Facebook bug, and have only recently have become fed up enough with their extreme political bias continuing to suspend me and many others with like minds. I assure you that my head is 100% here now and the site will get all of my attention it deserves. Second, the site was hacked to the point that Google and everyone's anti-virus warned them to stay away from the site. It took me way too long to fix because I didn't initially pay for professional help. I lost members that moved on forever. Next, I fell for a sales pitch that took me off a Dedicated Sever to Shared Hosting that cost me about $3500 a year less. For the year and a half I was fighting speed issues and the site freezing up when more than a handful of people got on it. I'm back on a new bad ass Managed Dedicated Server, which eliminates the hacking and speed issues. Tens of thousands can post at once without issue now. Finally, I upgraded the Vbulletin Software from version 4 to version 5. Some flat didn't like change and disappeared. Others with older Browser versions were having problems logging in. That's always the problem of being "Bleeding Edge", but a year has gone by and members have become more comfortable with the change.

    The bottom line is that I've learned from my mistakes and I now have the hardware, software and server support people in place; and I have the renewed dedication to to build to be bigger and better than ever. Until member participation increases, I will continue to post (mostly photos, but that will decrease as mire informative topics appear) so that more discussions are available for new members to reply to, and for search engines to catalog content for new Visitors.

    On the Northeast corner of the site there is a Log In/Sign Up link to Register if you hadn't already, or to log in if you are registered. Also there is a lost password recovery link if the password you tried isn't working.

    If you are logged in, your User Name is displayed. IF YOU DON'T SEE THIS LINK, 99% of the time it is your browser's issue. Your version is too old or you have some type of addon or plugin set too tight and is blocking the link. Your Options are to 1. Update your Browser to most current, 2. Start disabling your third party addons and plugins until you find the offender (often a poorly written Ad Blocker), 3. Try a different Browser. I use Google's Chrome with no addons or plug ins. 4. See if a crazy Firewall you're using isn't blocking the site. I have the most updated version of McAffee and nt having any issue.

    Membership is free, and there is no ulterior motive. I won't sell, lease, rent, or give your user information to any entity - short of a subpoena, which I've never received.

    When you register it will want your desired username and password, valid email address, and will ask your birth date - as we don't need little kids on the site.
    You will immediately be sent a confirmation email so we can block Spammers and Trolls. You will get it immediately if it is a Direct and not a forwarded email address given. If that address forwards to another, it might take ten minutes per forward, depending on the email server of the address you gave. Its really better to give a direct email address to take out one less entity to screw up.
    If you don't get after ten minutes, check any spam and trash boxes all of your email accounts in the loop have. One more reason not to use a forwarding email address.

    If you still don't get the confirmation email, you can request another sent to you from your user profile. I use a Gmail email address, and have no issues getting mail from the forum.

    If you've tried all of the above and still have not received a confirmation, send me an email with subject "Old Hippie Log In Problem" to and give both your username, if you registered, and a detailed description of what you did and what happened. The more information the better I can help, and screen prints help a lot.

    If you got the confirmation email, click the confirmation link in it and you're now a registered member who can post.

    You can help me make this a truly great place "Where It's All Good Here" by Registering and Participating. Share what you know, ask what you don't

    Old Hippie
    Visitors are encouraged to be Members, by registering.
    Members are encouraged to be Participants, by posting.
    Check out my Blog "Life & Times of an Old NSS Racer"

    There is a better than average chance that the Confirmation Email sent when you register goes to your Spam Box if you use Gmail and/or forward your email. Check your Spam box.

    You can request another Confirmation to be sent to you by logging in, and clicking your User name in the Northeast Corner of the site, and checking the four links fr which re-sends your Confirmation email.


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