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If there's something in the News that makes you say "Well Kiss My Hairy White Ass", then it most likely needs to be discussed here.
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This is the forum for discussing US politics. This Old Hippie is different from your Standard Old Hippie, in that he's a Libertarian/Conservative. That said, this is an open forum for postings from both the Right and Left, although my guess is that the Left will be out numbered here. However, trolling or attacks on others will not be tolerated. Attack the idea - not the person. If you want to play in this forum, wear your Big Boy Pants. This is not the place for the thin-skinned who easily get their panties in a wad.
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Old Hippie
Make America a Shithole
This is the forum to report and discuss World politics, or anything to do with the United Nations.
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I Blame Moose and Squirrel
If there's something non-political in the news that you want to report and Discuss, this s the forum to do it in.
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This channel contains News and discussions about the Military - and concerns of Active, Reserve, Retired and Veterans.
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Military Alarm Clock
Frankly the Old Hippie is sick of the double standards of both treatment and Mainstream Media's different coverage of news. On this channel will be adult conversations of News that the media will not report. Keep it civil and factual - not emotional and racist as that only serves to hurt the cause f a double standard. If you can't do that, then please don't post in this channel.
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Dear NFL
Islamic Terrorism is being imported to your town by Liberal politicians. The more Conservative the state, the more get shoved into it. The cowardly Mainstream Media refuses to report on Islamic Terrorism when they can get away with it. When they can't ignore it, they say 'The Motive Has Yet To Be Determined" call it "Workplace Violence". If you you wish to discuss Islamic Terrorist motives, news or anything else concerning Islamic Terrorism - this is the Channel for it.
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In this Forum, the Old Hippie will conduct occasional polls on current Event items. Please vote when you see these polls.
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Your Opinion on Marriage



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