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If you like your doctor..... BULLSHIT


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    If you like your doctor..... BULLSHIT

    So, for three years in a row my Health insurance plan has been cancelled. This time Aetna. I don't qualify for Health insurance assistance despite not having an income, because of stock dividends and interest earned from busting my ass all of my life - but I'm forced onto an Obamacare plan because I'm not employed, thus can't get onto a decent Group plan. This coming year there are only two companies left in Texas, one I never heard of. The best I can get is an HMO, and neither take my doctors - which I just changed to because Aetna wouldn't pay the the ones before. The kicker is I will pay $900 month more than last year to go from EPO (which I was forced onto in 2016 as there were no more PPOs) to a HMO with double the deductibles and VA Style waits. Thank you Liberal Moochers who don't pay shit because people like me pay double so you moochers are covered! Go Hillary!

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    I hope you were able to find a solution...Obummer care wouldn't cover me either. Was on the phone literally all day with some chick...had I been the right type I might have gotten somewhere, I really think so.

    Anyway, my folks are still living and they hooked me up with insurance, lucky for me for sure. Had a stroke back in 2008 and battled for short term disability, continuously for two years.. Our system is so ****ed up it makes me want to become an expat. If it weren't for my kid, I would, seriously. Her pos mom don't give a damn about her, she's been my saving grace. And I've been hers.

    Good luck to you Old Hippie


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