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NSA Collects EXIF information from your photos

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    NSA Collects EXIF information from your photos

    Did you know that all digital photos include encoded information (EXIF Metadata) that includes things like camera make and serial number, and GPS location?
    The NSA collects and analyzes EXIF data, too. Its hardly a surprise now, but a few years ago, files were released that showed training materials from the NSAs XKeyscore program and how it aimed to use EXIF data (among many other pieces of data) as part of intelligence collection).

    Did you know that every photo that you post on Facebook, twitter, Snapchat, your Email... is collected by the NSA and logged with its EXIF for intelligence purposes?

    Do you realize that mean that your photos on the Internet are traceable to your camera/phone with the date place and time taken?

    How many selfies do you figure the government has of you?

    Do you know that there is a way to strip that metadata from your photos with Windows?

    Did you know that most cameras embed hidden information, called metadata, into every photograph taken? And when you share those images, say by uploading them to a social network, that hidden information often stays embedded?
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    My image posting solution was to go to Southern Star Hosting, to register the domain of for less than $10, and hosting for less than $5 a month. I then installed the Free Application Zen Photo with one click from my Control Panel. I have tens of thousands of my photo digitized, which in time I'll upload there to preserve from disaster, and access from anywhere. In the meantime it makes for a great place to host my forum photos - plus I can still install 24 more free applications on that site if I cared to.

    I'm glad I saw this...I knew "The Man" collects info and spies on us but I had no idea to that extent.