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"Giving from the Heart"


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    "Giving from the Heart"

    "Giving from the Heart"

    Galatians 4:4-7 - But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of woman, born under the Law, to redeem those who were under the Law, so that we might receive adoption as sons. And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying, "Abba! Father!" So you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son, then an heir through God.

    Bruno Rafael Paiva is a teacher substituting for another instructor who is on maternity leave.

    Now in most counties that might not be a problem. Apparently, in Brazil, it can be a major difficulty. You see, in Brazil there is layer upon layer of bureaucracy. That bureaucracy makes it difficult to get anything done. In Paiva's case it means

    1. he has to get a license and then register that license;

    2. he has to submit his own documents and those of the person for whom he is substituting;

    3. the system has to generate a contract which he has to sign;

    4. the contract has to be attached to his file and then his name is submitted for the payroll.

    What all that means is this: Paiva hasn't received a paycheck in two months and, because he has no money, he has been sleeping at school.

    When his students discovered his situation, they pooled their resources and surprised their teacher with a gift of 400 Brazilian reals, or about $107. When he opened his gift, an overwhelmed Paiva replied, "This cannot be. How can you do this?"

    And then he cried.

    Afterward, on Facebook, Paiva wrote, "I have many rooms that I have loved in my heart to be a teacher, but no room has ever shown such love, help, and affection for my teacher's work as building number one did today."

    Having seen a video of the class as they gave their gift, I would have to agree.

    Lives do get changed when the right gift is given at the right time with the right motivation.

    That is exactly what Paul wrote to the church in Galatia.

    * The right gift is God's Son born of a woman, born under the Law.

    * The right time is when the fullness of time had come, when God's preparations were complete for the spreading of the Gospel message.

    * The right motivation is to redeem those who were under the Law, so we might be forgiven and adopted as the Lord's children.

    Now, because of what the Lord has done through His perfect gift, by the Holy Spirit's power lives are being changed. Souls once encumbered by sin are forgiven and restored; people once destined for hell are now headed for heaven. Those who once were alone now have a permanent Friend, and those who once were in darkness have been moved into the light.

    All this takes place because of Jesus who is the Father's right gift, given at the right time, and with the right motivation.

    PRAYER:Dear Lord, we could not ask for -- nor did we deserve -- Your Son, our Redeemer, the perfect Gift. Still, we ask that You will accept our thanks and praise for Him who came at the right time to save our souls. In Jesus, we ask it. Amen.
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