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    "Our Surest Guide"

    "Our Surest Guide"

    John 8:48 - The Jews answered Him, "Are we not right in saying that You are a Samaritan and have a demon?"

    Amelia Milling is a 21-year-old hiker.

    Last month Milling was hiking in Alaska's Chugach State Park. She was a couple of hours into her jaunt when her ski poles broke, and she took a tumble. Milling fell 300 feet. After 300 feet, her progress was slowed down when she bounced off a large rock. After the rock, Milling slid another 300 to 400 feet before she finally came to a rest.

    When she was able to calm down, she took an inventory of the situation.

    Amazingly, it appeared as if everything was okay. Sure, she had some aches and pains, some bruises and sore spots, but nothing appeared to be broken and everything was just as it should be ... except for the large wolf who was watching her every move.

    To her credit, Milling didn't panic. She kept her head and studied the wolf who was studying her.

    Her mind raced, as she tried to decide what she should do. The choices became easier when she saw the wolf was wearing a collar. That was interesting. As far as Milling knew, Alaskan wolves did not wear collars, but some big white Huskies do.

    And this Husky seemed prepared to help. Now before I go further let me explain. The Husky's name is Nanook, and Nanook is a trail-guide dog. His job is to help lost folks return to their path.

    Milling camped out that night, and Nanook stayed with her.

    In the morning Nanook's eagerness got Milling going. Throughout her ordeal, the Husky did whatever was necessary. When she slipped in an ice-cold river, Nanook grabbed her and pulled her to safety.

    Nanook stayed with Milling till she was rescued, and then he was returned to his owner Scott Swift. He was not totally surprised by what Nanook had done. After all, there was that time near Crow Pass Trail two years ago. Back then a six-year-old girl had fallen into the river, and Nanook came to the rescue.

    A good many years ago, humanity wandered from the path the Creator had set for them.

    Adam, Eve, and all who would live after them were lost. They were doomed; they were damned. Their only hope was found in the promise made by the Lord to send a Rescuer.

    That Redeemer came 2,000 years ago in the Person of Jesus Christ. True Man and true God, He lived a perfect life, resisted all temptation, and reached out to sinners with His message of divine reconciliation.

    The Rescuer's greatest problem was the people He was trying to save didn't recognize Him. Like Nanook, people assumed Him to be anything other than their Savior. Jesus was called many things, including being demon-possessed. Still, by the Spirit's power and with His third-day defeat of death those who looked closely could see that this was Jesus their Savior and Lord. By the Holy Spirit's power, they were returned to God's path.

    PRAYER: Dear Lord, send the Holy Spirit and use me to show others that Jesus is their Savior, and nothing less. This I ask in His Name. Amen.
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