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Songwriting vs Composing


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    Songwriting vs Composing

    [*]Mostly uses simple chords.[*]Usually is straightforward with the message of the song. There are exceptions, like Hotlel California, I am the Walrus, Strawberry fields forever, a lot of Beatles tunes, Adele, "Set Fire to the Rain"(how do you set fire to rain? Unless your Elijah from the bible),
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    Most of my lyrics are taken from occurrences in my mind or life, or both. Many under the influence of things, turns out better that way. Lol.
    I put music to my lyrics later, gives me more room for experimentation.
    My intention was to be a Stoner Rock artist, but my style, judging from what I'm hearing out there leans toward Doom Metal. Perhaps it's best I don't label it. It is what it is, I suppose.
    I also lean toward simple chords, but I try to stay in a basic area on the fretboard, sometimes that might call for an occasional unusual chord. I play lead and vocals, thus the one area thing.
    My vocal style can go toward Ozzy but more toward Hendrix, much like the newer band Lord Vapor. They are probably closest to my style.
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